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“Made in Italy” Fashion Developer

“Made in Italy” Fashion Developer

Fashion Agency in Prato

Business Service Group is a fashion agent of “Made in Italy” subsidized by more than 110 clothing manufacturers in Prato and its surroundings, but also in Naples and its surroundings, that belong to various segments in term of quality and price.

We organise free fashion business tours in selected companies that best meet the customer’s needs. Our free services also include: marketing consultancy, consultancy for start-ups, brand setup, collaborations with stylists, photographers, fabric printers, production of packaging accessories, prototype creation, creation of repeating samples for e-commerce, purchase of ready-to-wear, creation of your collection, cloth printing and knitwear.

We also manage a production network in China, India and Bangladesh.

PLEASE NOTE: We offer a free service as we are subsidised by the manufacturing companies. 

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